Friday, January 28, 2011

“Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end” ~ Spock

Hello happy crafters!

I have made a wreath. It is my first one and I think it turned out totally adorable! Unfortunatly, I won't be keeping it - its for a raffle at my work. But it was so super easy that I will probably be making myself a similar one very soon! All I did was wrap a foam wreath base with ribbon, using a hot glue gun to secure the ends (yea, the back of the wreath isn't quiiiiiiite as pretty). I used my mother's Bowdabra to make the bow and ties it to the top. Then, of course...I added BLING! So...super simple, super fast, and super CUTE! Gotta love it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Heart2Heart Challenge: Animal/Bird Card is my very first submission to the Heart2Heart card challenge!! I had a blast making this card and can't wait for the next challenge!

I used one of the CTMH Clear Cards for this card, colonial white cardstock, and everything is edged in cocoa.
For the outside:
I stamped the tree twice, cut them out and flipped one over to make a mirror image (stamping the blank mirror image side again). I stamped them both with the tree stamp (using Cocoa for the trunk and Sweetleaf/Garden Green for the leaves) and then inked it in a circle motion with the dobber so they would match a little better since the stamps were a bit off from the whole mirror image bit.
For the inside:
I stamped the hedgehog twice (once in Bamboo and once in Cocoa). I cut them out and put the Cocoa spikes on the Bamboo body.
I stamped the toadstool top in Smoothie and the stem in Chocolate and cut them out. The freckles on the toadstool have been covered in Liquid Glass (a trick by Melinda Everitt from her 2009 Twitterpated chipboard album workshop).
For The Background:
This was done with a brayer, a-la Zinfdorff, using Sky, Dutch Blue and Pacifica. The grass was stamped in Sweetleaf/Garden Green and embossed before brayering. I masked off the moon with a post-it before brayering and then filled it in with a dobber using Crembrule and Goldenrush, allowing the dobber to go outside the lines to give a "moon glow" look. Then stamped the words in Cocoa.
For the Bling...because if it don't shine, then it ain't mine:
I simply added plain blings for the stars and a light blue bling for the hedgehog's eye.
***All product was CTMH (except the brayer and post-it)***
Twitterpated Workshop-on-the-go (hedgehog, words, and toadstool)
Treetops (tree)
March Word Puzzle (grass)
Bamboo, cocoa, chocolate, sweetleaf, garden green, smoothie, sky, dutch blue, pacifica, crembrule, goldenrush
I hope you enjoy!
PS. I didn't post a pic, but on the back I cut out a peice of cardstock to match the "scene" and put it on the back to hide the adhesive and so I could sign my name.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Legends are the spice of the universe, Mr. Data.

So I dug up some photos f some cards I made in 2009. My mom and I went on a mother-daughter weekend to Tupelo, MS and rented a hotel suite and made cards all weekend! It was super fun and we were very productive! I found this cute paper with these 40s/50s flapper women on it at a little scrapbooking store in Tupelo. Below are the photos of what I did with some of the paper. I forget what company made the paper, but if I remember I'll post it up here later on. I used black and cocoa CTMH ink to edge the paper and used generic ribbon, buttons and adhesive pearls. The patterned, black and red papers were all corresponding sheets I bought along with the flapper girl paper. I have made a few sets of cards (for gifts) with this paper and given some away as birthday and thinking of you cards. I am now hoarding the few that are left becuase they are so flippin-flappin cute!

I havn't run across anyone else who sells this paper nor have I seen any other cards or scrapbook pages with it. If anyone knows where to get more, that would be wonderful becuase I'd buy it all!! It is probably my favorite paper I have ever bought!

If you have made anything similar to this, please link it up so I can look! I'd love to see other designs with this 40s/50s sort of feel!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Damnit Jim, I'm a crafter, not a doctor!

Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to my blog! Please read my About Me section and check here for updates regularly! I am creating this blog to get more involved with the crafting community, specifically card-making, but really I like crafts in general. I hope to be more connected with my fellow crafters and join in on some card making challenegs, as well! Soon, I will be uploading photos of cards I have made and posting fun stories and wacky things! Thanks for visiting!